Foodstar Reservoir Reopens

When was the last time you heard a Restaurant which first opened its Doors in 1995 call out to you today?

The year was 1995, Windows 95 had just hit the scene and Foodstar Reservoir first opened it’s doors. Now some 19 years later, we are reopening after extensive renovations. We spent $600,000 upgrading the place so you can enjoy a buffet meal for $8, great value back in 1995 and still great value today.

Foodstar has survived in an industry was failure rates are extraordinary – over 80% of new restaurants shut after two years. Even the restaurants trained by Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey on his hit TV show “Kitchen Nightmares” have a 60% failure rate.

Foodstar has never paid for a fake “Like” or a fake Urbanspoon review or cheapened ourselves for a “Daily Deal” on some website somewhere.  We have never charged Senior Citizens full price, or charged Kids Under 3 anything – even though they always make a awful mess.  We have survived because we have always offered a great all-you-can-eat buffet deal for our customers.

Over the past 19 years we have been carried by Hard-Working Chinese Chefs who for the most part can’t put together a basic English sentence and for whom the only avenue to success in a Foreign land was to treat our Customers with Respect so that they would come back to again and again and again.

We have invested a lot of our hard earned money in a part of Melbourne’s North which is being abandoned by Multinational corporations like Ford, because we believe in the future of Melbourne, because Melbourne first believed in us.

For those customers whose tastes have changed over the past 19 years and no longer find our food “new” or “cool” anymore we can only ask that you come back and try us again.   Just like “Optimus Prime” in the new Transformers Movie who first appears as a old and rusted truck, but after getting some Tender Loving Care(TLC) from Cade we see him back in full flight taking on the KSI, we’ve put a lot of TLC into our new restaurant and I’m sure you’ll agree that after our transformation, there is more to this Restaurant than first meets the eye.

At Foodstar we hope we’ll still be here for another 20 years to clean up after your kids, to be a place for Seniors to enjoy a good value meal in a comfortable environment, to be a place invite your family over for an inexpensive Asian buffet meal.  It’s not a glamorous life but IT IS SOMETHING for a lot of hard working Chinese Chefs who can’t really speak English and have done in hard in a Small Business up against it all.

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