About Us

In 1995, the first Foodstar restaurant was opened. The attention to customer service and food quality soon made Foodstar so popular that there were long line-ups. People drove from across Melbourne to enjoy the Foodstar Experience! All these happy customers encouraged the founding partners to consider opening another location. Several loyal, hard working individuals who believed in teamwork from the original restaurant were invited to become the first partners in a new restaurant located in Sunshine. Since our first expansion, more locations have opened with new partners, including our Frankston branch which is situated on the eastern shore of Port Phillip Bay, creating over 200 new jobs across Melbourne. The success of each new location is based on the original principles of customer service and food quality that made the first Foodstar successful. Foodstar continues to play an important role within the community helping out many local schools with their Work Experience programs. At Foodstar we look forward to continuing our expansion to new locations with new partners based on the solid foundation of our past.